The world of Morpheus is overlooked by a menagerie of Gods, each god a bi-product of Data or Ventura. Every element on the Earths, and it's sub-elements, are each assigned to a God that overlooks their specialty, from Matter to Light and Blood to War. Though not all are believers in the Gods, their presence is one of great importance in the fabric of Morpheus law.

The images seen are the Human's idea of what the gods would look like, should they have a physical form, Much like how we paint images of our gods, even though we are not certain of appearances. The gods are NPC's of Morpheus, and thusly should NOT be directly played by a person.

The original gods are formed from Ventura and Data. From those two, with the help of Enzi and Jique, they were able to create the chain.


Matter - Jique (Data)

Jique first made entity of Morpeus. She is said to be the shadow of Data and is a physical substance in general, as distinct from mind spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space possesses rest mass, especially energy. With image creativity Datas visions, Jiqure works to materialize those visions. not much else known about Jique, other than hold people thing she holds the appearance of a female frame, radiating compleatly with either aura, lightning or flame corsing though her body. If anything she is the main creator of Morpheus. Without abilities, they would surely loose to Ventura and his army ofdarkness. Every god power, are created from this entity and they are not 'born'. Primary gods pure blessing of Jiques power while Secondary Gods is the power infused into souls of multiple races, human or other.

Light - Luminophoros (Matter+ Data)

From the second creation Luminophoros was the next born God. Her main mission was to light the cracks of the barren planet and ensure that there was enough stability for each of the lifeforse's to come. After the creation of Morpheus, is was up to her, with the help of Mielikki, to create the first race, the Eoduuns. As soon as Ventura took over and whiped out this race, the only mission that Luminophoros had as to create light and streach it over the darkness, to keep the shadows away. She is now seen as one of the most powerful gods considering many caoul races depends on her powers and abilities.

Life - Mielikki (Matter + Data)

As the third made god, Mielikki was created only 24 hours after Luminophoros. Knowing they had to populate the earth, it was Mielikkis job to aid this. Weak at first the first creation, the Eoduuns,was mainly baced on the power of light, holding little physical forms. As this dis not work in the Caoul favor, Life soon created Humans. In time other gods will grant the humans other abilities, but this race was knowledgeable, quick to learn and develop, flexible and quick to fight. The first race of human being Immortal until Ventura introduced the god of death. Now Mielikki's power is to look after and raise all formof life, and is known asthe 'Mother'

Faeros (Heaven) -  Sephirionus (Matter + Light + Life)

Sephironus is a cruel and ruthless god of the caoul kind. Many other of the gods dissaprove of his forward abusive attitude however he is a needed member of the god's of creation. His main duties lie in running and maintaining Faeros, the land where the Caoul kind passes on to after death. He is the only god of the Caouls that psycical form is known. He does not know how to love, like any other of the Gods, However he does have a wife to share his duties. His wife is a young Demon girl by the name of Nera. With the power of life within him, he is able to impreginate and have a partner give birth. When a god is to give birth, they are born from the entities infusing inside the womans body. He is unsure of the stability between his past life as a young human, and his life now as a god. He is mostlikely more feared by Caoul kind, then Ventura himself.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Judgement - Arivu (Matter + Trickster + Life)

After being tricked as a young boy, his nievity soon escaped him as his godlike powers developed and grew. His main duty is to judge the persons actions in theyre life to choose what level of Faeros they are to be distrubuted too. He is also the person who works for Data do fight for the right between Caoul and Maori. Out of all the gods, Arivu is the most busy. He even has multiple beings underhim called 'Weigins' These work almost like his henchmen and follow under his guidence to make his workload a little more bareable. Like him, All Weigins are seen with a red cloak, just like the oneg dArivu wears.

Little Red Riding hood.

Luck - Ipinili (Matter+Judgement)

Yo bitch

A plucky little rabbit, his hyper personality is known widely through gods of both Data and Ventura. Hair white as snow and the piercing blue eyes of this chirpy god is sure to bless anyone with the best of luck be it for a day or for the rest of your days. Tainted by Ventura this little rabbit makes it's opposite sibling Trickster, but that's always a story for next time. A product of Matter and Judgement, Luck is a creation of Datas bio products and falls under Caoul category of gods but is not purely Caoul due to its Trickster counterpart. It is often said that the legend behind him is what led to the rumours of rabbits feet being lucky however Luck himself is often depicted carrying figures and signs of luck on him in most imagery making him a universal figure of luck, it is also rumoured that if he has visited you a pair of rabbit tracks can be seen leading from the front door throughout a persons home to the exit.

THE LEGEND The legend behind Luck starts when he was just a born God through rebirth. Newborn the god had found himself at the bottom of a rabbit hole with his left back paw twisted in some vines alongside his brother who we know to be trickster. Hanging from a broken foot the creature writhed around in pain and yelped for help while it heard the scuffling of creatures above it while his brother did not make a sound, sitting to suffer in its own pain. The rabbit had been out of luck since it's rebirth and in a state of despair the small white creature proceeded to cry, and he continued until he fell asleep alongside the little black rabbit. In his dream he was greeted by a girl, he swears her name was Alice but others say it was data. The girl much like a rabbit was searching for home and had found herself in quite the trouble, but the rabbit felt the aching in his back paw and had to pull himself back to consciousness, meanwhile trickster also drifted to a dream state, the rebellious sibling refusing to call for help in his dream took off down the path, ignoring the help of a rather smug looking cat. Upon waking the creature found that the hole he was once stuck in was full of water and floating atop wrapped in vines was himself however much to his bittersweet despair the vine beside him was snapped and had sunk. In a state of grief the rabbit quickly struggled for safety and bit it's way clean. Hopping away to safety he came across a wealthy young girls house, oddly enough the girls name was Alice. The young girl took the creature in and raised it beside her at all times, and she kept him there until her very own death came around after being positioned by Tricksters words. To keep him warm Little Alice had sewn the plucky rabbit a little waistcoat and tied a lucky ribbon to his back paw, telling the rabbit that if he had not hurt his paw that day she would have never found her new companion. The rabbit was alone once again and took Alice's pocket watch..hopping off out the back garden to find his new home. Before he could get all too far he was greeted by a splendorous blue mist, the voice spoke with a soft and gentle tone and promised him Alice was at rest and to follow the mist where he could find companionship and spread the feelings of luck and joy that he had found through all his misfortune. The rabbit happily followed and was blessed as a god of Data. Taken in he found comfort in the company of his fellow gods. In the spirit of Alice the creatures plucky nature and chirpy attitude is a memoir to his best friend.

Wealth and Money -  Pecunia (Matter + Judgement)

The duty of Pecunia is to manage and care for the finances of the caoul race. She ensures that many do not fall to the sin of greed, and helps them look after themselfs and theyre belongings though whispers and advise in with breaths of the wind. Pecunia makes sure the Caoul side of Morpheus is well kept and rich. She works close with the workers and beings of Faeros and overall is a caring being. She sees all items of wealth being hers to own, however she cannot come in psychical contact with the gold she protects. For if she does, it is said that she will crumble to dust.


Rebirth and Reincarnation - Zaelthays (Matter + Life)

Born from a flower, Zaelthays would wonder around the earth, for three seasons. Picking and choosing who desevered to be blessed with a second chance at life. By the fourth season she would wilt away and vanish. Only to be reborn again in the spring from the same flower that died in the winter and melted back into the earth. Zaelthays is a kind and gentle goddess with a voice as soft as rose petals that could bring back life into a being. She is stuck in a child like state of body and mind so that when she picks who get to be reborn she has no influnce from the world.

Thumbilina (Cherrys)

Fertility - Ahntheroppos (Matter + Life + Rebirth)

A young rabbit granted the ability of fertility by Data for the mass production of the Human race. After the extintion of the Eoduuns and the new birth of human kind, Data wanted to ensure the Humans could develop and grow upon theyre own watch. Data looked at how they had fused two or more entities together to create another, and then how Zaelthays (God of Rebirth and Reincarnation) could bring a human life back from its death. She soon thought 'What if they could do that alone' She fave the apropriate life organisms to each gender of Primate as her first test, and over a short while she would watch them mate and reproduce. Soon wanting to test it on a human, she choose a young couple whom was mating at the time. Granting them the ability to have a child. This child would be named Ahntheroppos. This god would control the population of the human race.

Scared as the first pregnant couple, Ahntheroppos's parents traded at a young age for livestock to keep themboth fed for the winter. Before this event babys ould be brought by stalk, so in fear they gave the childs life to a lonely old woman in exchange for the farm. The woman, hearing the story and beliveing Ahnthe was a gift from the gods, took her to the highest point of her tower and locked her away for many years. All the young girl ever knew was her books, poems and art.The young girls hair was never cut, dragging many meters behind her she would braid her long locks and use them as a ladder out her window for the old lady to climb up the girls hair for many years. On her 16th birthday, they old lady went to down to collect a hairbrush said to be blessed by the god of past presant and future. Taking interest on why the older woman, whom at this age was balding, needing the hairbrush took a young prince's curiosity. He followed the old lady to the tower and what he saw hidden in the window, lifing up the mother, was the most angelic gift from the gods he had ever seen. Waiting in the shadows for the lady to leave, he tricked Ahnthe into letting him up into the tower. And thus the prince met the to be god. With multiple visits over 15 months, they soon slept together, and the 17 year old Ahnthe fell pregnant upon the first sexual encounter. Ofcouse pregnancy as still unknown, so only the old lady grew suspisious. She chopped of Ahntheroppos's hair and waiting for the prince. Upon his arrival she threw the hair over the window ledge and accepted the prince in. Greated by Anthe's Muled Body he was soon attacked by the old lady and also slaughtered. Locking herself in the tower the oldlady slowly starved to death. Ahntheroppos was reborn in the lifeforses of all the slaughter around her passing body, and she lived though the body of her unborn child, as a god.Rapunzel was divered from this story.

Healing - Gagrein (Matter + Life)

Obviously the main duty of Gagrein is the safty and health of the Caoul kind. However with a sweet heart she also takes care of Maori races, must to her creators distaste. A calm and gentle nature, Gagrein is ofter drawn in the image of a angel is white. If she is to bless you with good health, the main idea of her visits is that she will leave a white feather on the persons windowsill. Yet many cultures have there different beliefs. It is obvious that in a persons lifetime, they will pray for Gagreins acknoldgement at least once. Even though she can bless with good health, working much like the God of sickness, she can easily take a persons health away temporarly.

Gender-bending and Alcohol - Ypyrem (Matter + Life)

The god(ess) of gender-bending and alcohol. She is a weird god. Mostly worshipped in the alcoholized Østfold where her priests are called worshippers.Supporting her worshippers with the powers to cure hangovers, create alcohol that they have drank and know the ingredients of. And the gender they want, Ypyrem worshippers are very popular in taverns and among the sailors and other hard-drinking people. A person changed by Ypyrem will be changed into a fully functional biological man/woman/middle-ground.

Earth - Naribia (Matter + Data)

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Earth is the formation of not only the reagions, but the location of the sea, lakes, mountain ranges, deserts and many more places. She is most known for her temper. Even though she is just a entity, trickster can reach even the 5 main.With the help of Earth Magic, the pair enjoy whispering sweet sins in Naribia's ear, Earth is also the creator of natual disastars, earthquakes is her form of anger. The persons who prey to Naribia most are the tribes for Soumi. Her appearance is ofter seen as a more dull nature scene.

Animal and Birds - Aritoboe (Matter + Earth + Life)


Nature - Borgichi (Matter + Earth + Life)

As the goddess of Nature, Borgichi's main duties involve creating and maintaining all things living upon the earth. Said to be able to create creatures by the use of her potions and bless each forest with the most bountiful springs. She divides her care and attention across every creature throughout all seasons. Though she is usually known to bless the land with great fertility for good harvests she is also responsible for failing crops across the lands that abuse its natural stores for selfish needs. It is only when personified that she is referred to as female but as an overall greater being is genderless. Tales across Morpheus say that the Spring and Summer season are most bountiful and bright due to her joy of the warming weather and the start of her busiest time and that the Autumn and Winter months are her sorrow for the loss of her crops and the colder weather wiping out the last of her hard work.
THE LEGEND Mother nature

Hunter/Gathering/Farming - Augustirin (Matter + Earth + Nature)

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Ocean - Chalchiuhtlicue (Matter + Data)


Sea life - Anriella (Matter + Ocean + Life)

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Better known as the god of sea life is known widest across the oceans of Morpheus by mermaids, sirens and travellers alike. She is depicted as an oceanic dwelling creature with gils, often rumoured to have created the underwater city of Atlantis and lived there with all the other sea creatures of lore. She is also typically depicted as a female however is debated dependant on oceans how the story is told. She is most widely worshipped by all the sea life from the tiniest of guppies to the ever mysterious sirens and typically her story will be most widely heard across seaside towns of all regions and lives through word of mouth from travelling fishermen and sailors telling their children of a beautiful mermaid like creature who graced ocean with all her beauty. She watches over all her children of the ocean via the waves and coral.


Little Mermaid

Fire - Draco (Matter + Data)


Draco was created by Data to keep the sun burning, Morpheus warm and to create fire for life and death. The God was not allowed to share the power, as it was too powerful for any mortal to handle without corruption. Though he has the appearance of a anthropomorphic fire-fox in his God form, he is able to change his appearance when upon Morpheus to blend in. He can also create clones of himself out of fire.

THE LEGEND Before humans could create fire, the God Draco would spend certain days on Morpheus, disguising himself as five old witches around a camp fire in different locations around the world. On these days, the 'witches' would feed hungry travellers hot food, give them hot drinks and warm their bodies so they could survive until the end of their journey. Then, one fateful day, the 'witches' were visited by a white crow, a disguised Heliophoros, which they fed and watered like every other traveller, this leading Heliophoros to see the fire and it's uses. He left soon after to plan how to take the fire from the 'witches', deciding it needed to be done when they left their cave to move on to the next location. That night, as the 'witches' walked the darkness, their path lit by the firey torches they held in their hands, the crow scared a snake onto the path, which in turn startled the witches, their surprise causing a single glowing ember to fall to the ground. The white crow picked up this ember and flew back to Ventura with it in his claws. Pleased with how Heliophoros had done, Ventura used the ember to distort Heliophoros, giving him the ability to take the fire to mortals as the Fire Magic God. As such, Heliophoros went to Morpheus and spread fire to the people, and in their delight, the people threw fire balls willy-nilly, one of them hitting Heliophoros in his white crow form and turning him black.

Volcano - Arpherith (Matter + Fire + Earth)


Arpherith is both one of the most destructive and one of the most creative of the Gods. Split into two personalities, Arph and Erith, this God's temperament depends on the dominant personality. Arph creates land masses and such, while Erith destroys all in his wake.

THE LEGEND As for Arpherith's origins, she was produced after humans were created, once a beautiful woman, who was loved by a skilled hunter. She was captured by the last of the giant eagles that lived in the volcanoes of Alaska to be food for its chicks, but the hunter found the nest and killed all of the eagles to get her back. Instead of finding the woman he loved, the hunter found only her body, the sight leaving the hunter heartbroken and feeling alone. Wanting to be with his love, the hunter killed himself next to his love. Data recognised their love and joined them togther as Arpherith, the Volcano God, but as punishment for commiting suicide, Ventura corrupted the half of Arpherith that was the hunter, causing him to destroy what the woman created.

Sky - Loki (Matter + Data)


Weather - Therrynus (Matter + Sky)


Technology- Ferronaeas (Matter + Data)


Ferronaeas better known as the god of technology is a Caoul born god, one of the many gods beneath Data. As an entity Technology is one of the widest worshipped gods in Morpheus due to the wide popularity of inventing and technological advances throughout the regions, however the largest gathering of worshippers can be found in Regazya due to the steam powered core and the boom of inventions that can be found there. Typically depicted as male with copper skin and several cogs and bolts holding him together it is widely debated if Ferronaeas himself was ever human as it is debated for the other gods. Following his story right back into folklore it is actually stated that he himself was an invention of a prestigious engineer that existed purely as a spectacle however his greatest wish was to be real like the others he had met.


Similar to other gods the story is always told that Ferronaeas was actually a human reborn into god status, though instead of being brought back into the body of another human or creature he was brought to life through a mechanical shell, an Automaton to be exact. He was created by a prestigious engineer who found himself without company and wanting a child of his own and so he made one with his own two hands. Using the best of his knowledge on steam powered robotics he programmed and adapted the boy to be able to speak, write, read and do just about anything a human child could do. However due to his robotic outer appearance he found it extremely difficult to socialise and make friends without scaring the other children away. One day he was even chased out of the village by a group of children, threatened to be pulled apart if he ever returned and so he left. Distraught, the engineer went looking for the boy but found him nowhere. Trickster took form as the main child to lead Ferronaeas away and even faced the engineer himself saying the boy had fallen into the ocean while playing. In a state of grief the engineer burned his house to the ground along with all his work and took a bullet to the head. Alone and lost Ferronaes found himself at the disposal of a fair owner guiseppe. Seeing the potential in his odd appearance guiseppe took the boy in and raised him, however he would put on shows and dress the boy up to look like a puppet. Making him dance and sing for the audience to bring in money. The other boys who were part of the show befriended the boy but tried to lead him into bad habits such as smoking, though the build up of tobacco in his steam works would be sure to break his very infrastructure. One day, he refused the performances. Understanding that he was being exploited like an object and that the only person who ever cared for him was the lowly engineer. In a fit of rage guiseppe and the carnival kids chased him into the ocean, the steam boy in a state of panic malfunctioned and was swallowed whole by a white whale. Ferronaeas remained in the belly of the whale for what is rumoured to be a hundred years before the whale became beeched in Regazya and rotted away on the beach. He was free once again but without a home or any clue to where he was. As if a beacon had called out to her, Data appeared before the boy and offered him a place with her gods where he would be loved as he was by the engineer.

Dreams - Kaori (Matter + Data)

The god of dreams is known across the land of morpheus as one who overlooks the living beings of the land and eases them to sleep. He is also known as the personification of sleep itself. Lore tells him as the brother of Nargoren and that they were both the children of Votaria. To help the distribution of dreams through the sleeping heads of those upon morpheus, Kaori holds three deities each of which overseeing particular dreams. It is said in his mortal life that Kaori was frightened of the living and so hid away from the sunlight by day and would wander the towns at night, Easing those around him into a peaceful slumber.
THE LEGEND Hypnos Greek god


Anti-Matter   -  Enzi (Ventura)


Darkness and Shadow- Noctophoros (Anti-Matter + Ventura)


Death - Nargoren (Anti-Matter + Ventura)


Underworld (Shardurn) - Nusikalteliu (Anti-Matter + DS + Death)

Running the Underworld is a cruel and powerful position. With the opening of Faeros Ventura thought it would be unfair not to grant a land for the sinners and Maori kin. He opened Shardun for this very reason. Without a overlord at first, Death ran the area. But found the job rather boring and wanted to select someone from the human or demon kin to take over the postion. Nusikalteliu was his chooise for this role. After letting trickster loose on the young demon, Nusikalteliu quickly took duty over Shardun and the duties of torture to the sinners, all the sadistic mind enjoyed greatly. He is not only the ruler of the underworld, but is also called the Judgement of Death, electing what soul serves what torturous setting.

Nusikalteliu was a young demon female that was spawned in the great war of Morpheus. Her father had Ishateren's Mirror in his care and Nusikalteliu would ofter speak to the mirror. Asking the mirror multiple questions for beauty and wealth. The mirror, Cursed with the soul of knowledge would always respond with a eeree humain face. She was obsessed an beauty, often asking her mirror 'who was the fairest in the land.' After 19 years of saying 'You are' The mirror has another answer. 'You are no longer the fairest, your younger brother, Nerytunda, is now the fairest.' Not liking the news that her 12 year old nephilem brother, with the looks of a young girl, was now seen as fairer then herself she asked the mirror how she could go around being the most beautiful once more. The mirror spoke of a Lamp that held a Genie within its walls, this genie would grant the girl 3 wishes. It didn't take long for Nusikalteliu to set out on her paths to where the lamp was said to be, in the pits of Shardun.After a grand treck, she recovered the lamp in the pits of shardun and summoned the legendary Genie. Speaking up in a proud voise, the genie granted 3 wishes to the demongirl. Her first wist being “I want to be stronger than what my brother will ever think to be, I want to be bowed to by my brother, I want him under me and to be in control of him. He will not be seen as better than me” And like that, with click of his fingers the genie granted her the power of Shardun, and she took reigns quickly and happily of the overlord of the underworld, Genie by her side along with her mirror. She told the Genie, that she would grant him freedom, should he grant her wishes with whatever request she asked from then on. And he agrred to the unlimited wishes, coming whenever she calls. May it be though entertainment, or hunger, or suitors or vulgarities, the Genie will grant the wish to meet her needs. This is where the story of Aladin came from.

Sickness - Nerytunda (Anti-Matter + Death)

Born from angel and demon, with the same demonic father as Nusikalteliu, Neruytunda was the kinder, more beautiful and more loved sibling due to the angelic traits. Being poisoned out of his sanity, the god of sickness was reborn as a twisted insane being. Setting out mass epidemics across the human world to set the beings into a rage of panic. His duty as a god is to pollute, plauge and poison the humans that inhabit Morpheus. Much like the god of healing, not only can he take health, he can also restore it to another.

After the older sister took her throne in hell, she didn't gain esactly what she wanted. Due to the angelic side of the brother, she was aware he was still out in the world of morpheus, co-existing with human kin. Married with 2 children at the age of 20, Neruytunda was at peace and living happily, but when struck with jelousu the pure demonic sibling higherd a young godling from the onderworld, Kove, to trick the brother and have him slaughtered. She wanted his liver and heart as proof. Kove soon tracked down the male and leg him out and away from the castle in wish he lived. As he went to kill the young nephilum, he cracked under guilt. Advising Neru to run and hide, telling him his sister was out to kill him. He took to the forests but Nusika watched the whole seen though her mirror, and had sent 7 males out to meet her younger brother. Taking the form of innosent drawfs, seven men, better known as the 7 princes of hell camoflauged themselves to trick the angelic male. Thinking he was safe, and growing trusting of the drawfs he believed his wife and children were safe, when in truth the “drawfs” would serve the meat of his family nightly in a broth to the new member of theyre home with added poisons that drove his mind to insanity. Insane he freely opened the door to a stranger selling Apples, taking one from the 'witch' whom was actually his sister, he fell dead. Only to be rewoken as a virus, plauged god. The final crack of his sanity left him the moment her woke in the new form, the carcus's of his wife and children there before his eyes, hung on crusifix's behind his sisters throne. This is where the story of snow white came from.

War - Theragor (Anti-Matter + Death + Ventura)


Blood and Suffering - Phlegethrain (Anti-matter + War + Death)

The god of blood and suffering is known widely across Morpheus and all it's regions as a ruthless and bloodthirsty tyrant. Depicted as a male with blood red horns and tendrils that wield the strength to tear any opponents limb from limb. This gods insatiable appetite for blood and destruction makes him one of the worst and most malicious gods to ever come from Ventura and his sub gods. Typically worshipped by those with darker intentions and the blackest of hearts, simply a small offering of blood is enough to garner his attention. Mainly getting his fixes of chaos from the aftermath of brutal wars and battles fought across the land. Though the blood of the fallen can be washed away Phlegethrain knows that the rich soil of Morpheus is more tainted than one would care to believe. Following his creation story it is known that he was born into Romanian royalty, however this twisted mindset only led him to be one of the most ruthless and bloody rulers in the history of monarchy.

Past, Present and Future - Ishateren (Anti-Matter + Ventura)


Knowledge and Wisdom - Ferentium (Anti-Matter + PPF)



Time and Fate - Thomericus (Anti-Matter + Ventura)


Peter Pan

Trickster - Sephiliarin (Anti-Matter + Time + KW)


Polar opposite to its brother god, Trickster is mischevious and plays by nobodies rules but his own. Taken in by Ventura following the separation of himself and his brother this jet black rabbit is known to take on the forms of wisdom figures and spread false words to poision those of innocence. He uses his sly and devious manor to steal from the gods beneath Data and create a counterpart to serve under Ventura. He is depicted in dark clothing and is a relatively mysterious figure, again like his brother typically portrayed as a male. He is a universal symbol of bad luck and anyone to come across a black rabbit will go to extreme lengths to ward off the bad luck that is carried by these seeming innocent creatures. In his stead this sly little rabbit will leave a red ribbon at the door who is due a serving of tricksters bad luck. A counterproduct of Knowledge and wisdom, Anti-matter and time this mischevious god is not to be messed with.


Trickster in his new found animal form followed his brother as he did in the previous life, the two fended together against the elements and predators and never left eachothers side. However his bitter seed had not yet bloomed, the overwhelming need to protect his sibling kept him moving forward. Though on that fateful day Trickster was not caught within the vines and fell to the bottom of the hole, wasting no time he did not struggle nor cry but tried to dig his way out, much to his horror his brother did little to help, the little rabbits tears filling the hole with incredible speed despite the Tricksters cry for help, the begs for him to stop. By the time Luck had finished crying, Trickster had met a rather untimely end drowning in the tears of his sibling. In a limbo state the Elder rabbit was taken to a dream like state known as wonderland. Though he was not greeted by Alice, instead a cat with a wide grin whispered into his ear, tainting his directions and sending the creature deeper into the woods, causing him to loose sight of it all. The last sight the cat allowed him to see was that of his brother being rescued, while his cold limp body was left to rot and in a single moment of rage Trickster became bitter towards all, he made a promise that should he be brought back he would use his cunning and trickster ways to lure the innocent into sin. Upon making his promise, Ventura scooped him out from the hole and breathed life into him once again. Asking the rabbit to join him and aid him in his promise. While his brother lived in comfort Trickster was slowly poisoning Alice through her fathers words, planting the seeds of her more bizarre thoughts and actions however the real damage was done when he disguised himself as a hedonistic friend of her fathers. Leading her into a life of opium and liquor causing her to pass away from liver failure aged 21.

Elemental magic -  Magnophoros (Anti-Matter + Ventura)


Fire Magic- Heliophoros (Anti-Matter + Trickster + Fire)


Heliophoros was created by Ventura after he saw what fire could do, and so tasked his creation with stealing fire from Draco, the easiest source to gain it from. Once this task was completed, Heliophoros gave humans the ability to control fire in an attempt to take the power away from Draco and Data.

THE LEGEND Before humans could create fire, the God Draco would spend certain days on Morpheus, disguising himself as five old witches around a camp fire in different locations around the world. On these days, the 'witches' would feed hungry travellers hot food, give them hot drinks and warm their bodies so they could survive until the end of their journey. Then, one fateful day, the 'witches' were visited by a white crow, a disguised Heliophoros, which they fed and watered like every other traveller, this leading Heliophoros to see the fire and it's uses. He left soon after to plan how to take the fire from the 'witches', deciding it needed to be done when they left their cave to move on to the next location. That night, as the 'witches' walked the darkness, their path lit by the firey torches they held in their hands, the crow scared a snake onto the path, which in turn startled the witches, their surprise causing a single glowing ember to fall to the ground. The white crow picked up this ember and flew back to Ventura with it in his claws. Pleased with how Heliophoros had done, Ventura used the ember to distort Heliophoros, giving him the ability to take the fire to mortals as the Fire Magic God. As such, Heliophoros went to Morpheus and spread fire to the people, and in their delight, the people threw fire balls willy-nilly, one of them hitting Heliophoros in his white crow form and turning him black.

Lightning Magic - Electrophoros (Anti-Matter + Trickster + Fire + Sky)


As the God of Lightning Magic, Electrophoros gives people the ability to control lightning, though to be able to create it, the person needs to have a blackened heart. It is unknown where this came from or what it means exactly, but it is speculated that either the person needs to be an evil person, as Electrophoros is known as a God with a very short temper and cruel disposition, or it could also mean that the person needs to be hit by lightning first, which can blacken the skin, so possibly blacken the heart.

THE LEGEND Once, during a bitter winter, two woodcutters where in the forest, trying to earn a living for their poor families. As they worked, they complained about not being able to keep their families in comfort, until they saw a bright light in the sky, a beautiful light that seemed to land not too far away from them. The woodcutters hurried to where the light touched the ground, hoping that they would find something that would be worth a lot of money. Instead of finding a treasure, the two woodcutters instead found a baby wrapped in a golden cloth with a necklace of bronze around its neck. The first woodcutter deemed to leave the babe in the forest, as he had many children and no bread, but the second woodcutter, who also had children of his own, decided that he should be compassionate towards the child, for the Gods had not placed the child for them to find without a reason. The woodcutter's wife was not happy with his decision at first, but when she heard the hungry cries of the babe, her heart warmed to the child, and they kept it and raised it as their own, silently hoping the Star-Child would bring good fortune.

The child grew into a boy of great beauty, such that the village had never seen before, and he grew vain and cruel. He treated the woodcutter's family as servants, he threw stones at the blind, disabled and disfigured, he hurt any animals he could get his hands on and drove people from the village if they did not suit him. The woodcutter and his family tried to teach him to be kind, but they failed. The preacher tried to teach him compassion, but he also failed. The boy continued his ways, till one day an older beggar woman entered the village, asking for help from the villagers. The boy saw this and mocked the woman, throwing stones at her and laughing until th woodcutter found the scene and intervened. The beggar woman was brought to their home, where she saw the cloth and necklace that had been kept till the boy was older. At this, she revealed that the boy was her son, much to his disgust. He turned the beggar woman from the house and mocked the woodcutter and his wife for their kindness.

The next day, the boy awoke to find he was no longer beautiful, but as hideous as a toad, with the scales of a snake over his body. And this is where the story varies. In the version for children, the boy searched for his mother and became humble, only to find she was a Queen and he a Prince, allowed to rule as a kind man before he died and was returned to the Gods to be welcomed as one of them, the Lightning God for the impact he had. The real story was that the boy searched for the woman, planning to kill her for cursing him when he turned her away, for he believed hr to be a deceitful witch, but never found her. Upon his death on a stormy night, Ventura brought the boy together with the lightning of that night, turning the anger into a God of Lightning Magic so he may curse the world in revenge by giving mortals the power to control the destructive force.

Air Magic- Aerophoros (Anti-Matter + Trickster + Sky)


Earth Magic- Terraphoros (Anti-Matter + Trickster + Earth)

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Terraphoros was not originally intended to be a God, but after she was sung into existence by a foolish mortal man, Ventura decided to take advantage of her state and make her a God, giving her the ability to grant mortals the powers of the Earth for revenge.

THE LEGENDOne day, a Queen gave birth to a little Prince, and every time the baby cried for what appeared to be no reason, the Queen would tell him that one day he would marry a beautiful princess. As the boy grew older, his mother continued to tell him of this beautiful woman that he would marry, until the day before the Prince's 21st birthday, where she admitted she lied about the princess. The next day, the Prince was sitting under a large oak tree, waiting to leave for another kingdom, where he began to sing of his sorrow for the princess he would never meet. From this song, the oak tree sprang forth a woman, whose appearance was the exact same as the Prince's mother described, and immediately, the Prince wanted her for his bride. He promised that upon his return, he would marry her, but when he did finally return, the Prince was already married to a Princess from the other kingdom, which brought the maiden much sorrow. The Prince forgot about the maiden sung from the Oak tree, and as she wept, never being able to return to her tree, Ventura appeared to her, promising to save her from her pain. This caused the maiden to become Terraphoros, the Goddess of Earth Magic, who can give people the ability to turn the earth against those who wronged her.

Water Magic- Aquaphoros (Anti-Matter + Trickster + Ocean)

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A powerful individual who's story can be linked back to Anriellas, Aquaphoros is the overseer of all the water magic and the users of the said magic across Morpheus. Originally a friend of Anriellas but was soon tainted by Ventura and turned bitter. She is typically depicted as female and similarly to Anriella takes on a more sea creature based appearance. She is said to live deep in the darkest trenches of the ocean from the shame of her wrongdoings it is this that initially turned her so negative and dark towards the world. She is said to be worshipped by the misfits of the ocean as well as most magic users. Aquaphoros is proof that Ventura can not only sever the ties of romance but friendship as well. Her duty is to spread the abilities she can control throughout Morpheus to create an army of the strongest water magic users. She is most heard of around the seaside towns of Morpheus and is a notorious name spread across the ocean. Initially a sea witch, She was later then discovered to be a part of Anriellas story, this later being told as the story of the little mermaid where Aquaphoros is portrayed as Ursula.


Little Mermaid


Space - Astorophan (Anti-Matter + Ventura)


Moon - Nehirgynus (Anti-Matter + Space + EarthMagic)

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Nehirgynus was a young farmers daughter. She worked upon her parents farm in the early ages of Morpheus. Her father was married too a woman, whom had two daughters. The step sisters were vile and cruel, making the womans life a misery. Loathing her life, she would visit the waterfall behind her fathers home and prey to have her torture stopped, to run away. And one day, when the night sky, moonless, was at its darkest shade, a being appeared before her. It is uncertain which god granted her its aid, but it gave her the ability to pick of and run. For she only had 24 hours to run. Getting millions of miles away from her home, she met a man, a upper towns folk, whom fell in love with her as she did him. Or so she thought. You see, the farmers offered a bounty for whom could return his daughter, that the only love this man held, was money. during the next 13 days, the man lead her home. And it was only until she got to her old town, that she realised where she truly was. Dragging her to the farmers porch, the land was barren and the house was empty. Enraged the man threw Nehirgynus inside. and for the next 14 days raped and tortured the girl until the woman finally found her escape, for it was death all along. The changing of the moons patterns collide with this ledged. It explains how the new moon was when the girls confidence to run struck her upon that dark night, and then the full moon is where she found her escape with the rich male. Only to find, the day after, he tricked her for money and pleasure, the fading quarters representing her life being ripped from her, and then that final full moon, showing her long waited cry for death.

This is where the story of Cinderella comes from.

Star - Garrellion (Anti-Matter + Space + AirMagic)

The goddess of stars is one of the god more widely worshipped by the elders of Morpheus, the stars being used as guidance before maps, as stories to tell before books and even indicators of the weather to those who believe it. Most tell the tale that before becoming a goddess Garrellion was an immortal living among the humans on Morpheus, during an age when all was peaceful, but upon watching the land become corrupted she took to the skies, Creating the stars and constellations to remind those who once lived beside her of times of peace. It is said the brightest stars are the passed on spirits of her friends in her time upon earth, others believe it to be a guiding star to paradise, The story changes wherever one may venture.

Sun - Asykyarellion (Anti-Matter + Space + FireMagic)


Nightmare - Votaria (Anti-Matter + Trickster + Darkness + Dreams)