One of the many races that the ship harbours home to is Shapeshifters. A shapeshifter is a human with the ability to change their form to any animal or in advanced cases any person living or dead provided the person or creature truly exists. Due to their flexible nature and shifting abilities shapeshifters are excellent in trained on land combat and perform best on solid ground though trained and expert shifters would fare just as well in underwater situations. Provided the shapeshifter has consistent control on their bodies, their hearts are that of an immortal provided they look after their bodies and avoid injury as they can be killed the same as a regular human. Overall a shapeshifter is extremely similar to a human in abilities and weaknesses. They have a slightly higher IQ than the average human. Shapeshifters are allowed to choose one single form as a reincarnation should they choose not to keep their original forms however their personal knowledge of the previous life is completely wiped and they will only acknowledge their new form as their original, The reincarnation will also remain at the age chosen as a final form to a shapeshifter; an example of a shapeshifter who has chosen their final form would be Xavier Descartes whereas Luna Descartes is yet to choose. 

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They can adapt to their environment almost instantly making them born survivors.
  • They can regenerate when needed.
  • Their ability to take any form makes them extremely able fighters.


  • Any wounds obtained in any form carries over to their chosen human form.
  • They can be killed mid shift.
  • They are extremely prone to mental damage. 

Luna Descartes


Xavier Descartes

Cauol or Maori: Cauol
Origins: Unknown
Average Lifespan:  Immortal due to Reincarnation abilities
Average I.Q.:  110
Average Height:  Female: 5'7 // Male: 5'10
Average Weight:  Female: 10st // Male: 12st
Average Strength:  Identical to that of a human
Average Speed:  Identical to that of a human
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Zaelthays