Position: Ships Doctor
Rank: B Rank
Full Name: Quinn Lockheart
Nicknames: Quinn
Race: Incubus
Age: appears 25
Birthday: (N/A)
Nationality: English
Home town: Alnwick
Parents: Adopted mother. deceased.
Siblings: None
Children: None

Talents and SkillsEdit

  • Medical training, including emergency first aid, surgery, and survival first aid.

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ability to devour life energy expelled by intimate acts.
  • Release of pheromones used to seduce victims.
  • Can grow out hardened talons to use as weapons.
  • Can grow wings (this takes up a lot of energy)


Quinn has always been kind hearted and on the quiet side, as well as a little socially awkward. He is most comfortable taking care of patients and is very gentle with them, making sure they're comfortable and calm. He is still an incubus though, and needs to feed. But instead of manipulating others, he asks them if he can have some of their energy through a kiss, and only takes what he needs to survive.


He hates what he is, so his feeding is restricted to the bare minimum to keep him functioning properly.

It is a lot more difficult for him to resist the pleasures of the flesh, considering what he is.

He sucks at fighting. He's a healer, not a fighter.


He doesn't practice, but believes in some form of higher power.



None, though he is looking.


He would prefer to get accustomed to the ship fully before trying to make friends.


Quinn always wanted to help people rather than hurt them, as he would probably do when feeding, whether physically or emotionally. He studied hard to become a doctor, though his childhood was rough.Both of his parents were a succubus and an incubus, and abandoned him on the doorstep of an old lady with no children. She raised him as best she could and got him the education he needed to have to start his journey to becoming a doctor. Sadly the old woman died while Quinn was in college studying medicine, and he finished his teachings to make her proud. Quinn jumped from place to place over the years, practicing medicine both on and off land. It was when he fell overboard on the ship he was working on, and was dragged onto the Septimo, did he join their crew.