Nishidosaki, a bustling metropolis at the forefront of present Cyborg and Android technology, is situated in East Oryza (Asia, Japan). It is a bewildering, completely man-made environment, the only natural area being the vast ocean that surrounds it. The city ascends from the mist-covered water, towering structures and fluorescent signs melding together with the smell of exotic foods to create a lively and almost overwhelming atmosphere. The entire area is encased in a giant metallic frame that channels the robust power of Ferronaeas, the God of Technology, who keeps the people and their components protected from natural disasters. A constant breeze brought by the ocean collaborates with the height of the city to create an airy, fresh feeling that balances out the inevitable gases from the pollution produced regularly.(unfinished.)


The God of Technology, Ferronaeas, protects and watches over the people of Nishidosaki as it thrives on scientific exploration and contributes to the modern world on a daily basis. Many locals come and go by teleportation, which is why an outsider visiting the city may get a few strange looks when entering through the harbour as it is considered an outdated form of transport. Within Nishidosaki, there are two districts separated by “Bunkatsu Bridge”, bunkatsu meaning divide, or split. Although Androids and Cyborgs live in harmony, they are bisected in terms of accommodation, Cyborgs situated in the East block, and Androids in the West. The slight divide originates from the idea that while Cyborgs are somewhat human, Androids are lifeless imposters with human features, causing the nickname Higenjitsuteki being given to the area by the Cyborgs, which loosely translates into “Unreal”. (unfinished)


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