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Full Name: Nanalie Miseral Alessanderson
Nicknames: Nana
Race: Skellington
Age: (Appears 10)
Birthday: 10 December 1701
Nationality: Swedish
Home town: Dubai
Parents: Paulina Levita Alessanderson (Deceased)

Alastino Molanis Alessanderson (Deceased)

Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A

Talents and SkillsEdit

  • Her main talent is cooking , she is able to cook cuisines and different food from around the world .
  • Her secondary talent is boxing , she learned that when she was still a human .


  • Nanalie has a customised dagger , the dagger used to be a normal dagger given to her by Planke during a mission .

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Nanalie is able to read the mind of others , lying is no use to her .
  • She is able to send feelings down others body by just touching their skin , you might even feel the pain of dying .
  • She is great at stealth as she is very tiny-sized .

Education and Intelligence BackgroundEdit

Nanalie studied in a government school in Dubai . She learns English , Mathematics and Science . Nanalie has only studied in the school for 4 years and does not know much .


Her goal is to see the outside world as she has always been locked up under the Fallen Angels .


The black-haired , Nanalie was very cheerful and kind just before her parents changed into Demons and tortured her , after she has escaped she has changed into a different person . Nanalie changed to mean ,devilish and cheeky , she may seem like a nice girl but she has her tricks under her sleeves . She is able to change to a soft-hearted if you're able to get close to her which is close to impossible .


  • Drowning . She has never learnt how to swim in her past and has a phobia of going swimming .
  • Sun . Yes she is afraid of the sun , she covers herself with as much fabric she possibly can unless she is in the ship where she feels more comfortable with man-made lights .
  • Love . She finds love disgusting , if someone gives her too much of love she might snap and go on a killing spree .


Nanalie doesn't believe in anything but herself , she might look like she believes you but don't get tricked . She doesn't show her real side everytime .


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