Welcome to the world of Morpheus . A role play universe based on IMVU Inc. Founded originally by KuraSkyeEdwards and CherryMoonshine in 2013, the pair started a fun and enjoyable RP scene following a whole world's history and creations. In time many names such as AbelOutcast, RinaHallowOutcast, WolfinaNightshire, Ilyricus, Exortus and more have added to the growing RP universe to help growth. Merely starting from KuraSkyeEdwards's room SeptimoDomininusTantibus , The universe is out to seek fun and creative minds to join in growing story lines and help create their own fun escape.
The World of Morpheus
The World of Morpheus: This page offers a insight to the world in general. This is Including the race's, beliefs and area's that are within the world. The world is strongly fantasy baced, being that of Human/Superhuman/Technology VS. Magic users. Each side following a god of there kind, Data and Ventura.
The Morpheus Community
The Morpheus Community: On this page you can find the worlds ship calender, events, chat, artist page and so much more.


On the seas of Morpheus, Join captain Kura-Skye Edwards and her crew as they travel region to region in search of adventure. A fun and script like posting arrangement that provides a fluent and up-beat development to the day to day storyline. Have you got what it takes to join the Septimo?

Room Owner: KuraEverettOutcast

BeFunky Septimo Engines.jpg
SDT - EngineRoom

Joined with the Septimo this is the second layer of the whale-shaped ship. In here you will find a friendly engine room lead by Jacob Jenkinson. Join him, and the other engine-crew in this cozy room by joining the Septimo room labeled above.

Room Owner: Fumaii Outcast

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Temple of Rest

A place of peace and tranquility. Where one can rest and find peace. Here you will find the Battle Angel Sapphire the Gentle in most peaceful state.

Room Owner: Timienator

BeFunky Vanor.jpg
Town of Vanor

A medieval themed town with high steampunk advanced technology that is run by a automatron of Morpheus. This is a pop up room and has been assosiated with the Septimo ship.

Room Owner: Ethaine

BeFunky HallowsBottom.jpg
The Hallows of Umbra

The tavern and home of the famos inventor Christian Jenkinson. Walk into the bar and meet the locals and/or request commisions and work from a hidden upstairs lab where the owner spends most his days fixing, building and inventing robots, androids and gadgets.

Room Owner: KuraEverettOutcast

BeFunky Screenshot 9.jpg
Hazael's Kingdom

The Spanish kingdom ran by the face of Edward Everett and his wife Emolie Everett. The main room is located in the couples castle. This is a random drop in roleplay and follows no exact storyline bar the made history that comes with the room.

Room Owner: KuraEverettOutcast

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Ice's Healing House

A medieval little house home of the healer Lady Ice. Drop in for herbal remidies, healing, wound care or casual meetings with friends.

Room Owner: LadyIceCross

BeFunky Blackkat.jpg

Baced in the late years of the 30th century, this is a rebles home where the terrorists against the goverment work and play. Who will come out greater? AP Room.

Room Owner: KuraEverettOutcast

BeFunky Goverment Bace.jpg
The Goverment Facilities

The other side of the Future, The Goverment Room. Lead by a face whom follows a unknown command, the goverment aim to over power the world with the godlike beings that help run the circle.

Room Owner: AbelOutcast

BeFunky Screenshot 10.jpg
Faewood Castle

In the early years of Morpheus, Faewood was the first known safe house where both Caoul and Maori could co-exist. Join the creative characters in these castle walls and live life in the worlds child years.

Room Owner: KuraEverettOutcast