Rise of the Dragon

Rise of the Dragon

The world of Morpheus, plagued with constant war, rests in the galaxy of Ursa Sirius. Originally being created by the god Data , It was the war between her and her sibling Ventura who added depth to the world. Constantly at war, the land holds no balance. The galaxy itself holds 52 known planets, spread out much like our own milky way. Morpheus, however, is the largest, centering itself in the middle of all it's smaller siblings. It's closest planet is Sunarium, Otherwise known as the sun, this planet orbits Morpheus to heat and aid in it's time and growth. Also controlled by two moons, one of a light blue, said to be Data. Only the non-magic users, the Caouls, can see this moon circle clock-wise around the world. The other moon, of a light shade of purple, is said to be Ventura. Only Magic users, the Maoris, can see this moon. There is a legend, that says if you see both, the gods are fighting over you. Many see this as a blessing, and in older times, if you claimed you saw both moons, then you would be worshiped between both races as some form of 'child of god'. The calender and seasons of Morpheus are the same to that of our world. There are 3 main versions of the world. These are Morpheus, Morpheus-Faeros, the heaven and light side of with world, and Morpheus-Shardun, the hell and darker side of the world. Both these versions are on different dimensions to the head earth and can be accessed by many races, including the gods. Still in constant war, the people of Morpheus fight the battle of the gods in a great and constant war, only in those safe-havens can both Caouls and Maoris co-exist peacefully. The first home or area to be known as a safe haven to all was Faewood Castle.

History of Morpheus - Legend of the Great WarEdit

The world holds two main Gods. Originally Ursa Sirius created a single moon to orbit the multiple planets of the galaxy as a protector. The blue shades of Ursa is the aura that would spiral and protect, while the purple would attack and destroy. The moon was half and half of each shade. Ursa Sirius is said to be its own entity, some believe she is the mother and the god of the gods, others just believe she is only the galaxy. She is, by lore, and canonically female, however. Being one moon, the negative and positive energy fought, both holding an almost human personality. Soon, the negative started cracking, originally aiming to be split 50/50 down the middle of the moon. But due to the immense power and the ability to destroy, shattered and broke away. Rendered useless in many pieces, Ventura's entity became dormant for a long time. Data then took over. As a creator, she found it easy to create Jique. The god of Matter. Together the pair fixed her moon. In doing so, Data was able to team up with her child, and the creation of 6 other gods, Light, Life, Earth, Skye, Ocean and Fire. They took the many planets in Ursa into their hands. In doing so, they created life and structure upon many; Morpheus, being in the center and the largest planet, was the most sought after.

When Data had her head start, Ventura was taking the time to plan his attack, blaming her for his shattering half. He soon created his first God, Enzi. Enzi is the god of anti-matter. Destroying and ripping apart some nearby planets Ventura fused with the remains to build himself up, increasing his power to, as well, create his first 6 gods, Darkness, Death, Seer, Time, Elemental magic, Space. He thought by adding a less natural approach to his creations, he would make them more powerful. It was then he was able to start attacking the earths that Data had put so much effort into creating. However Ventura gave the earth the darkness it needed to create balance. Data did not see it this way, fighting back in defense. Races of human and super human, against races of magic users fought upon the many worlds. Many planets were destroyed by the plague of darkness that spread across the living. Even now, the lasting worlds, like Morpheus fight. Killing each other over religion and the gods. Human vs Magic.

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Non Magic users - CaoulsEdit

Along with your average human there is a race of superhuman beings, who live across the seas, forests, deserts, or even in a town near you. Superhumans who can pass as normal human beings. Become your friend, your mother, your father, your lover. Anybody. Beings who can pass as humans, but have greater strength and power than any mere human could ever posess. Sirens, seductresses of the sea and sky, using their voices to lure in unsuspecting sailors. Cyborgs, being who are half human, half robot. Possessing unimaginable strength and knowledge. Accompanied by immortality. Even pure beings, such as angels roam the earth, sometimes watching over their loved ones. These are no mere humans, these are hybrids, a freak of nature. Powerful, undefeatable, beings. The Caouls.Click here for The Caoul Races of Morpheus    

Magic users- MaorisEdit

Behind the veil of normal humanity lies a whole other world where the Maoris live. They have abilities beyond the imagination; manipulating the elements, creating shadows, healing and shifting time. These are the magic users of Morpheus. Witches and warlocks that can either bless or curse you from your normality. Or hiding from behind the corners the Dark Fae play their evil tricks, turning you green and stealing your belongings for there own twisted satisfaction. Demons wait in the dark with they are murderous minds, preparing to pounce as the werewolf howls at the purple moon. Magic and mystery, Power and immortality. The things that were thought only to be fantasy, becomes a reality. These are the Maoris. Click here for The Maori Races of Morpheus



Equivalent to the Japan/Korea/China side of earths Asia. Asha is an island nation in the Far East. Located in Cruentum Ocean, it lies to the east of the Oryza, stretching from the northern part of Oryza in the northern part of Cruentum Ocean and Oceania in the south. The characters that make up Asha's name mean "Pearl Sun Orient", which is why Asha is often referred to as the "Pearl of the Rising Sun". It is a stratovolcanic archipelago of 7,110 islands. The four largest islands are Honda, Hokkuro, Kishin, and Kagesu, which together comprise about ninety-seven percent of Asha's land area. Due to it's location in the Cruentum’s Ring of Fire, Asha is substantially prone to earthquakes, storm surge, plasma surge and tsunami, having the highest natural disaster  in the developed world


Similar to what we know as North America. Libertus was one of the continents where the Lumina have not been able to get a proper foothold. Even though the Eoduun eventually died out other being of Data took over the continent, and the Caouls of Libertus were not friendly against the Maori. From the  of time Maori have been hunted down, taken prisoner and murdered for how they were born. It was soon after most of the continent was populated that The Pact was started, a group of Caouls who were extremists in hunting down the Maori and 'cleansing' the continent of Ventura's evil spawn. While The Pact has always been most active in Romals, this being the country where their main quarters reside, they have outposts all across the continent and are more then willing to cross laws in order to get rid of as many Maori as they can find.


Similar to what we know as South America this land is knows as maori safe land. High in magic and steam powered technology the land is overgrown with jungles and swamp-land. Towns and cities are very elvish in their quirky style, even though the main inhabitants are witchlings and magic users. Meridianus is rich in i'ts natural trades like gold and diamonds. Humans often attempting to dominate the land to steal the resources.


Where the North pole is located upon earth. This location is barren land. Only them adapted to the harsh snow storms and the bitter cold nights are able to live here. Ice imps, Ice sirens and other ice or snow based creatures are found here along with wolfs, mutated-spiders and other arctic animals. Good for its diamond trade the only time humans cross on this region is to farm the land off its material goods. Small population. One major city and smaller colonies throughout the snowy wastes.


Similar to what we know as northern Europe. Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Norway became østfold, bunch of revolutionaries, bandits and pirates mixed together to overthrow the old king and reinsert their own king. kill the old and install the new. have reinstalled only runic letters and mixes the old with the new to create their own looks and historic feeling and unity. SWEDEN: modern, magical and elves and orcs mostly. They got a modern army that can defend themselves. but not as vast numbers as the østfoldian navy. Iceland: full magic. originated from the danish magic armageddon, which sank their land to the ground. It was originally a land-base between Nordhiem and what is now Europe. Very magical. everyone knows magic. Finland: alcoholic like the Østfoldians. But worship other gods than Ypyrem.. God worship: Ypyrem is the biggest god in Østfold. Nature gods are strong in Sweden, magic gods in Iceland and in Finland they worship a bunch of different gods.


Similar to what we know as Australia. Oceania is an extremely hot climate place dusted with barren deserts and small towns interconnected by a river that flows straight through the region. The people live off the land and are very minimalist, wearing the skins of animals and living off of whatever they can grow and catch with a city at the centre of the land where all the money is condensed into a single kingdom. The kingdom pumps whatever wealth it has into trading to enable the safety and survival of the tribes who live across the land. They worship the god of animals and the god of water, these being the two things that sustain the land. Magic is embraced and seen as something of a gift from the gods as most of the inhabitants are water elementalists.


Similar to what we know as Asia


Similar to what we know as Antartica. The regions of Plumdonia have been a wasteland for a long time to humanoid creatures. But since a few 100 years a few tribes live here in peace. The tribe exists out of many  mages, swordsman and riders. The three tribes that live in these regions are the Manskuns, the Komkosha's and the Fenipsas. All three tribes live in peace with each other and often mixed up their inhabitants. Now they have evolved and the lands are inhabited quite big. The cold has been suppressed by . Every town has their own source of warmth and the  are strong and made to withstand the worst the nature could throw at it.


Similar to what we know as Europe. Purely Caoul land Maoris live in silence and posing as human kind. High of witch burnings and other forms of torture to magical beings, this land is feared. The majority of the kings and leaders of this land are blood thirsty, always asking for war with other countries, even those in alliance with there own armies. Hiding mainly behind mechanics and technology they are more advanced in. Their military status is the strongest in the whole world of Morpheus.The land and it's building is very victorian in its appearance along with the clothing of the citizens. England, Spain and France are the most dominant countries all with strong royal families. Being the centre of all the regions, Regalis has to hold its strong and forward nature to keep its dominance and have the others cower under it's reign.


Similar to what we know as Russia. Shrouded in snow and occupied by the more warm blooded and heavy drinkers; A place known as Regazya. The town mostly occupies Taverns, Inventors and prides itself on its diverse cuisine and bountiful ports. Most of its occupants are merchants traveled overseas looking for a place to set up and call home, due to its heavily influenced merchant stalls and exotic wares the area is often used for its ports to stock up long traveling ships as well as . A place to make a quick buck with your own two hands. The other factor that puts Regazya on the map is its advanced technology, A lot of the houses and structures being heavily reliant on the various mechanics and inventors building self reliant housing, A city that has its own mechanical heart at the centre.


Soumi is similar to what we know as Africa.  Xiddigta Waaberi have  only old runic letters and then they mix old with the new to create their own looks, historic feeling and unity. Xiddigta Waaberi is filled with Ahaayeen Maukulaal (werecats) and Aadanuhu (humans) mostly with, very few Ahaayeen Waraabihii (werehyenas) lived in this area; Gisiyeed oo wajiga dhintay only live here. Xiddiga Habeenkii have a army and navy that can defend themselves and the entire country. Xiddiga Habeenkii is mainly filled with Ahaayeen Waraabihii and Aadanuhu. Xiddiga Gubasho is the land of main trade for this country due to the fact that it shares a border with Regalis. And for that it is filled with Aadanuhu and very few Ahaayeen Maukulaal and Ahaayeen Waraabihii. Xiddiga Dhimashada is were the first group of settlers step onto the lands soil and is equally filled with all species. The gods that are mainly worshiped are GiSi, also known as Gisiyeed oo wajiga dhintay.


Vittoria is very similar to what would be known as Canada today. The climate of Vittoria is usually very chilly, The winters harsh and summers mild. The winter days are much shorter, Only a few hours of light before darkness descends upon the land. The land is vast, Being filled with Tundra-like land towards the North pole and east, and Thick evergreen forests at the west, central and south of Vittoria. Many Blacksmiths reside here, Being the land so bountiful in minerals. Master bladesmiths gather to share ideas, along with trade secrets. The capitol city is on the far western side of the region, called "Lananthal", where the royal family resides. This land prides itself in its master blacksmiths, Architects, and Stone masons. Basically, Vittoria is a land of creation. The many people of the land intelligent as they create their works of art. Massive buildings of marble and beautiful cut stone line the streets of Lananthal, the docks being well reinforced, a sturdy yet good looking area to dock many ships.

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Aequora: The 4th largest ocean, Mostly inhabited by sea serpents and large fish. Rarely sailed upon by local lands due to sea serpents damages.

Armentarius: The 3rd largest ocean, Mainly inhabited by squid and jellyfishes as well as mermaids. Extremely colourful in ocean flora and is treated as a trade gateway. Used by all to sail upon.

Celestial: The 2nd largest ocean, Inhabited by crustaceans and seahorses. Abundant in sea urchins as well as occasional shipwrecks due to monsoons. Widely used.

Cruentum: The 5th largest ocean, Abundant with dolphin, whales, sharks and the large varieties of ocean life. Again widely used

Iskald: The largest ocean, Filled to the brim with a variety of mer creatures, tropical fish and turtles as well as supposedly the kraken. Vastly sailed upon by all.

Lovina: The smallest ocean, Littered with cannibalistic creatures, sirens and shipwrecks. Treacherous for smaller ships.

Maris: The 6th largest ocean, Little of the life is known in this corner of the ocean. Most likely to hide bottom feeders and angler fish. Sailed upon but known for bandit hideouts.

Morpheus Oceans

Uncharted Land/Uncharted WatersEdit

Spending time upon the ocean brings many risks and dangers to the crew, but none quite as feared as uncharted land and waters. These are waters or islands unvisited and off record to the crew, Usually due to them being unexplored or dangerous to visit however in the case of key quests uncharted water is unavoidable. Rouge pirates, Treasure hunters, Ferocious creatures and much more are a few of the dangers told to be found upon such treacherous waters. The ship is most vulnerable to open attacks when in such locations and meticulous planning goes into the route should it need to cross such waters.

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