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daddy and daughter

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  • Jacob's pride and joy she was made so Jacob would never have to be lonely again. She is a silly girl who keeps Berry and Jacob on their toes, she loves to goof off and be silly because she loves to make people smile.
  • She is a smart for a 15 year old but she doesn't show it because to be mysterious.
  • She may be an android but she is the most human like android ever.
  • she is also guarded by her baby blue dragon named rose, the dragon talks to her and only her so though it seems she is talking to herself she is talking to rose.
  • She is also guarded by an android kitty that her father had given her.

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  • She is some what protective of her daddy when a girl confesses her love to him, she tests their physical and mental state to show them how a real child acts she thinks no whore will ever dare stay with her father when they find out about her.
  • She looks up to berry and kura for guidance in the woman world and looks up to her father and demmy ((aka daddy)) for strength and protection.
  • She loves to create like her father but her creations are more innocent, she loves to draw and sing old rhymes in a book berry gave her.
  • She dreams to one day be a famous singer though she knows that dream is silly, she still deeply believes it.