Another common creature found onboard is the ever mystical and proud Kitsune. Dependant on origins and type the features of a Kitsune can vary all over the place however Nogitsune's and Void Kitsune's are seen as the more demonic on the spectrum of these fox spirits. Originating around Asia these creatures possess the exterior appearance of a fox and human hybrid and often have great power over the elements but again their abilities depend upon their specification. They have a heightened IQ, are considerably taller and heavier than the average human particularly in their purest form and are more similar to canines, picking up canine instincts and characteristics however Kitsune that have been drained of their powers such as Okami are known to take to more humanoid features and such. Kitsune also often have a small fox or dog like form which is held in their weakest state.

An example of a Kitsune would be Okami or Shin Karatsuri

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are known to be skilled and powerful fighters.
  • Having canine features make them well adapted hunters.
  • They are considerably intelligent creatures.


  • When weakened they can turn into a puppy-like state rendering them powerless.
  • They are easily tricked and are low on the demon hierarchy.
  • They are extremely proud, This being a key point if you wanted to hurt their ego.

Cauol or Maori: Either dependant on type of Kitsune
Origins: Asha
Average Lifespan:  Immortal
Average I.Q.:  120
Average Height:  Male; 6ft // Female; 5'5 (Can change dependant on type)
Average Weight:  Male; 180lbs (12st) // Female; 100lbs (7st)
Average Strength:  Equal to that of a large wolf/canine
Average Speed:  60kmph when running
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Aritobe,Borgichi,Nargoren,Sephiliarin