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Position: N/A
Rank: N/A
Full Name: Kanae, Fish.
Nicknames: Fishy.
Race: Vampire
Age:  16
Birthday: May 2nd
Nationality: American
Hometown:  New Jersey
Parent:  Jeffery Fish
Siblings:  N/A
Children: N/A

Talents and SkillsEdit

  • Being a vampire, Kanae can see, hear, and smell things far away.
  • Kanae is exceptionally talented with hand to hand combat. As a child her father taught her to box growing up. He was over protective and knew he wouldn't be there all her life. So compromise was box.
  • Throwing knives. Another thing her father taught was to throw knives to a keen point.
  • Animals seem to love Kanae. Vise versa, she loves them back. Her pet growing up was horses and dogs.


  • For now, her fists. And vampire teeth.

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • As a kid growing up her father taught Kanae boxing.
  • Along with throwing knives.
  • See, hear, and smell better. Due to vampire senses.

Education and Intellegence BackgroundEdit

Bio- Kanae grew up with her father he wasn't that smart. He did his best to teach Kanae, but wished he could do more before he died.


Find ture love.


Kanae, isn't the brightest. But she's sweet as can be. Kanae loves to make friends. And is friendly herself.


Losing a friend, ever since she's lost her dad she can't stand losing another person close to her.

Werewolves, A werewolf alone she might take on. But if it's a pack which it usually is they could kill her. 

Boys, she can be so blind by any boy she likes. They could also easily minipulate her to do stupid things.




Red hair. Slim. Red eyes.


None, but looking for her true love.


Grand ParentsEdit





When Kanae was born her mother sadly died when she was two years old. Her father tried his best to raise her alone. He taught her all the things he could. But he died. Kanae didn't want to be stuck in that town any longer. Their was one escape the ocean. She took a boat to visit england. On the boat was a young charming man. He took her to bed. But he bite her and threw her off the boat and she found herself awake on Lunavici shores.