Half-elves are a half-breed and are often not accepted into elven nor human societies. The elves sees them as impure and too non-elven. While the other speices sees them as too elven. They got the human curiosity, and are often adventurers, but they also got long lifespans. Often half of what an elf would have, but also half of their magic immunity if their a first generation half-elf.

Half-elves born from half-elves have lesser life-span as their more mixed away from their elven parts. A half-elf can be any hybrid-specie between elf and another race. but their most common humans as elfs hold a attraction to human kin and vise versa.

A half-elf which comes from an orc/elven relationship for an example. will be quite strong. but not as strong as or tall as an orc unless its from a tall form of elves. While a half-elf with dwarven/elven origin will be quite short. Their all able to learn magic and have minor to medium magic resistance but not full magic immunity. like their full-elven parent would have.

Places with a lot of half-elves often tends to be ports where elves and humans meets. and in places with strong multi-racial influence. like the planklands in Østfold, where the wide majority are half-elves.

a half elf's body ages much slower then a human. thats why they live longer. Meaning that they will quite often also look younger, Many half-elf men often carry fake beards or take beard-growth potions to look older.

An example of a Half-elf would be Sonja Planksdatter.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit


  • They are extremely nimble and light on their feet.
  • They have a longer lifespan than the average Human.
  • They are by term magical creatures and know how to work practical. making them good jack-of-all-trade
  • Can grow beards, unlike normal elf.


  • They are just as vulnerable as Humans, Easy to kill.(unless of ogre/orc breed)
  • Often unaccepted due to being a half breed therefore they cannot travel freely and it is difficult for them to find homeland other than in Nordheim.
  • If born of two Half-elf parents then the child will have a lessened life span
  • they're mental age are often below the age of their body.
Name Half Elf
Maori or Cauol Caoul
Origins: Nordheim
Average Lifespan:  150
Average I.Q.:  Same as a human.
Average Height:  Depends on birth
Average Weight: Depends on birth
Average Strength:  Depends on birth
Average Speed:pretty fast.  20mph
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation