Dokkaebi (Korean: 도깨비),The Dokkaebi is a mythical being that appears in many old Korean folktales. These creatures loved mischief and playing mean tricks on bad people and they rewarded good people with wealth and blessings Dokkaebi are often wrote in lore to be frighening thing that also represents a humorous, grotesque-looking sprite or goblin. However this is not the case and this form is just a illusion placed on themself as a servival technique. 

Most Dokkaebi carry a kind of club or mallet called a dokkaebi bangmang'i (도깨비 방망이). They are like magic wands, from which it can summon anything it wants, powered by a source that is normally a small spirit. Unfortunately, when it gets something by using the spirits power, it gets things by "stealing" from someone else, because this bangmang'i can only summon existing things, and it does not create objects out of thin air.

Dokkaebi love to play games, especially ssireum. They are extremely good at it and one will never be able to beat them by trying to push them from the left side. However, they are very weak on the right side.

Although Dokkaebis does not have actual form, some people divides the kinds. These are common types

  • Cham Dokkaebi (Korean: 참도깨비; literally Ture Dokkaebi): A mischievous dokkaebi. Contrast with Gae Dokkaebi.
  • Gae Dokkaebi (Korean: 개도깨비; literally Wild Dokkaebi): Evil dokkaebi. Contrast with Cham Dokkaebi.
  • Gim Seobang Dokkaebi (Korean: 김서방 도깨비; literally Mr. Kim Dokkaebi): A dumb dokkaebi that looks a like common farmer.
  • Nat Dokkaebi (Korean: 낮도깨비; literally Day Dokkaebi): Unlike other dokkaebis, these appear during the daylight. They are known to give Dokkaebi Gamtus to humans.
  • Go Dokkaebi (Korean: 고도깨비; literally High Dokkaebi): Dokkaebis known to be good at fighting and handling weapons, especially arrows.
  • Gaksi Dokkaebi (Korean: 각시도깨비; literally Maiden Dokkaebi) and Chonggak Dokkaebi (Korean: 총각도깨비; literally Bachelor Dokkaebi): Dokkaebis, known to attract humans.
  • Oenun Dokkaebi (Korean: 외눈도깨비; literally One-eyed Dokkaebi): A one-eyed Dokkaebi that is known to eat much.
  • Oedari Dokkaebi (Korean: 외다리도깨비; literally One-legged Dokkaebi): A one-legged Dokkaebi that likes to play Ssireum.

An example of this would be Sen-Rei Kim

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit



Cauol or Maori: Maori
Origins: Korean, Asha
Average Lifespan:  N/A
Average I.Q.:  50-200 (Depending on kind)
Average Height:  Can manipulate appearance
Average Weight:  Can manipulate appearance
Average Strength:  Above Average
Average Speed:  Average
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation Sephiliarin