She lives in a tavern with a few other people.

Thanks to Chirstains help she was live after being found

outside the place mostly dead but as doll no longer a human

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Full Name: Breanna Antoinette Warren

Nicknames: Bre (Marcus calls her Freak XD)
Race: Humanoid/ Doll
Age: 19
Birthday: April 4th
Nationality: White
Hometown: Luddenham, England
Parents: Sean and Molly Warren
Siblings: None
Children: None

Talents and SkillsEdit

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Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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Education and Intellegence BackgroundEdit


Short and long term life goals


Though Breanna may come off as a stuck up stubborn bitch she really is nice. 


Children since she can't have any. The tavern for its the only place she really ever considered home


None atm


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She has fair white skin with hints of blush, cherry red plump lips, followed by dark emerald green eyes. Soft faded gold hair flows down her face over her chest. She is 5 ft even and weighs about 130 due to her gears and such.



Sean Warren  -   Due to his wife's sickness, Sean took advantage of little Breanna's body. His daughter never fought back and even took up the chore of whoring herself out in order to help out the family. Years pass by and on his daughter's 15th birthday he killed himself.

Molly Warren   -   Molly had gotten sick from a sexaully transmitted disease.  She asked her daughter to take her place in order to have her husband stay and not abandon them. Telling her daughter all her secrets and tricks, Breanna became quite good at having sex with her moms clients. After nine years passed her husband took his own life and Breanna had also gotten the same illness. On Breanna's 16th birthday she died, leaving her a broken music box as a present.

Grand ParentsEdit

Lyle Warren

Mary Warren

Fred Burns

Lilly Burns


Doesn't have one because she is afraid to have one..


None and can never have them



On her 16th birthday she got a broken music box as a present. Hearing about Chirstain and his tavern she made her way to London for him to fix it. She was more then half dead once she reached it. Once outside it she fell over from exahustion.