Bellsprout was born by Kura's illusion when she lost control of her magic. Being brought into the world as a fully grown baby, she was fast to learn her ways. Developing a soft and kindhearted personality with the right guidance she soon grew into a beautiful young girl with a heart of gold. Kyler and Emory took her in as their own daughter and In doing so, not only them but Kura aswell, aims to protect and keep her safe. She is able to create small life forms like flowers and frogs and in general is a loved and cherished member of the crew, even if she does commonly live in hell with Kyler, she is one of the most adored family members of Septimo.


Position: Visiting Plant
Rank: E-Rank
Full Name: Bellsprout
Nicknames: Bell
Race: Illusion
Age: Second Stage
Birthday: Febuary
Nationality: N/A
Hometown: N/A
Parents: Kura-Skye Edwards, Demetri Zepplin
Siblings: Rouse, Kyler
Children: N/A