A kind of angel that lives in secrecy and is worshipped in very few places. Only described in the oldest versions of the bible. A powerful race that lives alongside the Arch angels. Battle Angels are often described as Angels of War, as that is where they are found most often. But they do all the dirty work normal angels and Arch angels are afraid or find themselves to good to do. They are invulnerable to healing and magic often does not harm them. They come in all sizes and shapes but do not mistake it when its small. An immense power rages within these beings. They are allowed to sin in the name of the lord, making them proud creatures. But they are not afraid to help even the poorest fellow out. The code of the Battle Angels rings as: Everyone has value, some bigger than others. But everyone is worth helping. Living in secrecy only a few people will ever meet one. They will do good as well as bad. They are trustworthy and they will stick to their words. Normally not meant for love it is a special thing if one falls in love with another being. It is not like them to hold a grudge but if they do then something has gone horribly wrong. They will always do what feels right to them and never let anything stand in their way. 

An example of a Battle angel would be Sapphire the Gentle

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit



Name Battle Angel
Cauol or Maori: Cauol
Origins: The 3rd ring of Faeros (Heaven)
Average Lifespan:  Ageless
Average I.Q.:  180
Average Height:  7'5" 
Average Weight:  450lbs
Average Strength:  Massive
Average Speed:  200 Mph (In flight)
Being(s)/God(s) of Creation