Akira is a quiet male who tends to hide away from the rest of the crew. Found in Japan Akira took a instant liking to Rouse, comming onboard to be with her. Seen as a guard to the ship he was instantly ranked at a B-Rank by Kura within his first week of joining the ship. Friendly and caring he will fight for whomever as long as it brings honer to the crew.


Position: Guard
Rank: B-Rank
Full Name: Akira-Hebi Uxmishi
Nicknames: Hebi
Race: Human/Sea-Snake
Age: 22
Birthday: October 24th
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Parents: Yuumi Uxmishi, Hebi Uxmishi
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A


  • Sword

Combat Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Good with a sword
  • Turns Naga when hits water


Quiet but very loyal


Rouse and the crew


Human but in water he turns to a green naga