The 7th Lords nightmare, or more commonly known as SeptimoDominusTantibus, Is the main room that started the universe of Morpheus. The room is under KuraEverettOutcast within the IMVU client. The room was formed on the 12th of September 2013 by IMVU usernames, KuraEverettOutcast and TheRedeemedOutcast. Originally only holding 6 players (KuraEverettOutcast, AbelOutcast, TheRedeemedOutcast, SitalaInuzuka, TheBloodmoonQueen and RinaFoxfireOutcast), The group soon blossomed and grown. Offering A average of 1-3 lines per post, however many are capable of offering much more literate work should they need to. The room is of a more laidback nature. Holding its own rules and not promoting any of the tiers, this is a group open for all. Any race and person is allowed to join the Septimo, should you follow the Septimo - New Players Guide upon entering.
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For new players
Septimo - New Players Guide - For new players of the Septimo. This is the brief rules and understandings of the room. All new persons are expected to read this and agree, If there is sign that a player has not followed these simple terms, there will be warnings set.
For Crew
Septimo - Advanced Guide - A little more upon the rules, however this is for the players when made crew. Persons are expected to remind themselfs of these rules so the room can stay friendly and to everyones wants and desires.
Your Rights
Players Rights - This is how you are expected to feel within the room, if at anypoint you feel your players rights is being threatened, please inform someone.


The ship follows a female captain across the 7 seas of Morpheus. Based in the 1700's society has a strict hold on magic. The ship serves as not only a safe house, but also as a means for adventure and escape. Kura-Skye Everett and her crew are constantly looking for new challenges and missions to set themselfs upon. From battles with rouge pirates, the royal navy, Dragons to Skeletal Armies and much more. The first main original quest of the Septimo was to a rare santuary known as Paradise Realm, after unlocking the secrets hidden of this land, they are now in search of more. Currently hearing tales and rumours of the 12 Regional Wonders, the group is now upon this mission, looking for hints and clues of where this 12 oracles are upon the reigions of Morpheus.

As the main two builders of this ship, Owen and Jacob Jenkinson followed stongly in the worship of the God of Technology, the ship was built in the shape of a whale in the Gods honor and originally served as a submarine under a female captain known as Scorpia Darkhart. Created in the year 1752 MHY, a total of 23 workhouse children first worked on the Septimo with the captain and her husband. After two years of captainship Scorpia fell pregnant. She left her life on the ship and trusted the ship in the hands of her first mate, Kura-Skye. After a battle with a large sea snake, the ship was made unable to swim as it was damagd to the point it could no longer take the waters pressure. Being re-built in the image of a young child the fair that is placed on top was to add innocence to the shell of the whale. The structure of the ship is made with Iron and steel and with the help of the Elemental Illusion it holds its colourful and natural light, these illusions being added to create the ship as we know now, and it soon sailed on the 1st of July, 1755. Scorpia Darkhart, Kura-Skye Edwards, Christian Jenkinson, Crystal, and Voldanti all hold protection seals on the ship, keeping it from receiving any excessive harm. The ship holds multiple portals to seperate rooms and realms that is used within the crew. There are multiple layers to the ship, and also multiple rooms.

Structure of the shipEdit

Top DecEdit

The top deck of the ship holds the Tower, The Storage, and The Fair. The area is a pure illusion and is actually made from Iron, not stone as it appears. All nature is also born from magical illusion this area is used mainly from relaxing and training,

STORAGE The Storage area is cleaned out once a month; the storage holds all the food, live stock, weaponry, gunpowder, medications and belongings of passengers. All items locked in sealed crates that can only be open with permission of a S or A ranking officer.This prevents theft and damaging of goods. Like the Tardis it's much bigger on the inside than it may seem.
CABIN ROOMS This is the main sleeping area for the crew; Everyone is granted a bunk each, if they choose to sleep there or not it is up to them.
STONE TOWER The Tower contains 243 steps, and the staircase circles up to a small open area with a lounging area by a fireplace. Many come here to drink or for private discussion. It is also the area the lookout stays; as it is the highest point of the ship. Many who aren't highly ranked are shown here instead of given a bunk, sleeping on the floor with little blankets.
THE FAIR Being built in the imagination of children, The Fair was added on to give of a happy exterior. A ferris wheel and carousel are provided in The Fair. The children of the ship use the area for their entertainment. Inside the carousel is the only purely dark place until you reach the insides of the ship. Necromancers and others come here to calm the mind to skip from realm to realm.

Lower DeckEdit

The Lower Deck is the main area where everyone is found. It holds the Lounge, Dining "room", Bar, Infirmary, Kitchen, Cabin room, and Captains quarters. This area is made of mostly Iron and Wood, with wooden cogs protruding in the center of the room.

LOUNGING AREA This area is where most gather to have fun and talk with one another. Centering with 3 sofas; the area is easily accessible from whatever area of the ship. On top of that you are able to see most areas of the ship without moving. Many choose a spot on the couch and stay to that spot until they are needed.
DINING AREA This area is mostly used for meetings and for Abels navigating needs.
THE SHIPS BAR Used for getting drinks and other beverages. (Most usually don't lounge about at the bar, but they do get drinks from there~) Also, it's used most when celebrating or mourning.
SHIPS INFIRMARY The Infirmary (Also an aparent secret meeting area) is run by the ships doctors, the area is used for mainly those who are in need of medical attention. Many medications are kept under lock and key for the crews use. Medical supplies are always topped up when ever the ship docks.
SHIPS KITCHEN The Kitchen, this is Abels favorite home. This is located near the infirmary and can be accessed by all crew members.
CAPTAINS QUARTERS The personal space of the captain.

Under DeckEdit

This area leads down to the Basement, that is then the living area for the Engine workers and the Engine Room itself. The Engine Room is its own IMVU room and more about this area can be found out HERE.


Everyone is open to input a idea of a sidequest or an attack on the ship. For more infomation, Or your own input, follow the link HERE .

The Reasoning Behind Using This Room.Edit

The meaning behind the ship is that, on the outside it looks happy, bright and full of life, yet in truth it is a dark cold area filled with many darker secrets. The ship its self is seen as an emotional mask that hides the truth. Everyone that comes upon the ship holds a deep secret that is hidden by their 'mask.' The ship itself is an escape from everyones dark pasts, hence the happy exterior.